Guide for Apple Signatures and Services

In order to be able to distribute your PressMatrix Apps, each App must be signed with the identity of your organization. This signature is not only enabling you to distribute mobile Apps using the Apple App Store, it also allows the App and its store entry to be shown with your organization's identity only.

Note: Requirements for the following workflows

  • An Apple ID with active iOS Developer Program
  • An Apple Mac computer with OS X v10.8 or later installed

The following articles also require you to be logged in at Apple’s iOS Developer Portal. Please click here and login using your organization's Apple ID before you proceed.

Please finish the following workflows in order to setup your Apple App Signature and enable the required services:

  1. Creating an Apple iOS App ID
  2. Creating an iOS Distribution Certificate
  3. Creating an iOS Mobile Provisioning Profile
  4. Creating an iOS Push Key
  5. Export your iOS Distribution Certificate as .p12
  6. Please send the following files via email to
    - iOS Distribution Certificate (.p12)
    - Mobile Provisioning Profile (.mobileprovision)
    - Authentication Key (.p8) - Requires active Module "Push Notifications"


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