FAQ - Tracking and Data Protection

Why do I need to update my privacy information?

If you offer an app through Apple, you will need to update your privacy information from now on. In future, Apple wants more precise information about what data your app stores and processes. This information will then be displayed to the user in the App Store. This provides more transparency and trust.

If you do not provide this tracking information of your apps, your apps cannot be submitted by us, nor can you receive updates. To make it easier for you to fill out the relevant forms, we have written detailed instructions on how to do this. You can find them here.

We would like to explain to you once again exactly what the term "tracking" actually means in connection with Pressmatrix. We only track basic information such as user ID, device ID, product interaction and crash data. However, readers cannot be identified personally. Only by tracking this anonymised information can we continue to provide you with full app functionality.

The user ID is not a user account with personal data of the readers. What we call a user ID is an individually generated public ID (e.g. 123456). Generally anonymised data is stored, such as certain specifications of the end device, in order to be able to keep the app functionality error-free. If readers report a problem with the app, we have access to the data of the anonymised user account and can correct the errors there. The same applies to the device ID: since some error messages, for example, can only occur on certain devices or in certain app versions, the device ID helps with troubleshooting. The product interactions show which interactions the user carries out in the app, for example app launches, taps, clicks, swipes or even opening widgets. If there is a problem with one of these functions, we can track it down and solve it. Crash data is data that is saved when the app crashes, for example. This allows us to better understand why it crashed and fix it so that it doesn't happen again in the future.

Your data remains stored in our database and is not shared, but only used to improve app functionality and fix bugs.

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