Step 2: Design the app




This step is all about defining your app’s look and functionalities. To do so, you need to log in to the Pegasus Workbench. The upper navigation bar will lead you to the App Builder if you select “My App” > “App Builder”. A new tab in your browser will open.


The most important information at a glance:


  • The designs for your app and your browserclient are set up separately.
  • Pay close attention to the question mark signs in the system. The large question mark on the right upper corner provides general support, if you click it. The small symbols next to the respective fields give you specific guidance concerning the step you are working on.
  • There is an optional menu item called “Legal” that is relevant to apps that sell subscriptions. Here, you need to place links to your General Terms and Conditions as well as the privacy policy on your website. To activate links, you may send us the URL as well as the respective designation to and we will then set it up in the app. If the links need to be changed in the future, no app update will be required. In case you do not send us any link, this menu item won’t be visible in the app.
  • You will find an overview of all required graphics here: Graphics for creating mobile kiosk apps
  • After you have made all the settings in the App Builder, you should test your design in the Preview App. You will find the detailed instructions to do so here.


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