Step 3: Digitize your issues


Now it is time to set up the core of your app: the issues. This also takes place in the Pegasus Workbench.

Would you like to automate the delivery of your PDF-files or import your articles for the text mode (Word, TXT or XML format)? Please contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss all available options.

Suggestions on how to use PressMatrix to make the most of your issues:


  • Merge all text fields within an article to create the best possible reading experience.
  • Search the internet and within your organization for further material that you can use to interactively enrich your issues in a meaningful way: additional images, suiting music or other audio files, YouTube videos, links to Google Maps or other interesting links. Make use of as many Widgets as possible.
  • In the future, you can ask your editors for such multimedia material as an initial step, when they create new articles.


Good to know:


  • As previously described in Step 2, you may check the results in the Preview App or in the browsercient preview. Please keep the following in mind: Issues that have already been published and whose date of publication is set in the future can be comfortably accessed and tested in the Preview App. You will find the detailed instructions to do so here. In the live app and in the browserclient, on the other hand, only the issues whose publication date has already been reached, whose publication date is thus in the past, will be visible. We therefore advise you to set the publication date of your issues to a past date throughout the testing phase. By doing so, you will be able to check the results in your browserclient as well.
  • The Preview App is intended for your testing and organization internal purposes only.


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