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 You can store links for your app on the server side in Pegasus, which will then be listed in a separate menu item* (default name "Recommend" - can be adjusted in the App Builder under "Translations") in the left menu bar of your app. You can create your links in the Workbench under "My App" -> "Links" -> "New Link".


You have the following setting options:

Title - The title is displayed in the Kiosk App and leads to the stored URL.
URL - Please enter the URL of the desired link here.
Category - "General" (e.g. homepages, Facebook), "Legal" (e.g. imprint, data protection), "Sidebar Menu Browserclient" (only important for the BC)


Open in the browser outside the app? - If activated, the link is opened in the browser outside the app.
Visible in the mobile app? - If this item is activated, the link is visible in the mobile app.
Browser client visible? - Should the link be visible in the BC? Then please activate.


(*) Notes:

  • Please note that the "Sharing" feature must be enabled in your app to display the links in the app.
  • You can enable the Sharing-function in the App Builder on the General tab under General Features.
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