App Builder Reference - Design: General

The "App Design: General" is adjustable in your App Builder in the Tab "Design" - "Overview" with a click on the "Design name" you already set up. In case you did not set up an App Design yet, you may create a new design (with or without default images) and adjust the settings then.

In the General settings tab you may define the outline of your App, the menu tabs that are visible within your App and the appearance of your App on the home screen of the devices.

Section 1: General Basic

Configure the essential properties of your app.

Nr. Fieldname Description

App Name


The name which should appear below your app icon and task manager on your device. Please note, that names containing more then 11 characters might be cut by the device in order to fit the available space.

App URL 


A link to your company webiste or product website. This link will be opened, each time a user clicks on the kiosk logo within your app.

Rating Service Email 


A "Rating email address" is mandatory because the users are now able to rate your app out of the app. When a reader chooses 3 to 5 stars, the user will be directed to the respective App Store. However, if a user only give out 1 or 2 stars, an email form will open where the reader can let you know why he or she is dissatisfied with your app. Please beware that the email address is visible to this user.

Section 2: General Features

General Features are the main features of your app. Please note, that some settings require additional configuration within the preferences tab at the App Builder. 

Nr. Fieldname Description


Enables your app users to search for contents within your issues. Please note, that issue with activated "text import" will be available for search only.
S2.2. Help Enables the in app help menu for your users.
S2.3. Sharing Enables your users to share a reference to your app via social media and email. Please note, that for social media sharing (Facebook and Twitter additional settings are required). 
S2.4. iOS Newsstand With the launch of iOS 9 Apple removed the Newsstand for new apps. Existing apps that were once built and live as a Newsstand app need to activate the iOS Newsstand since it is still held in older iOS Version.
This function enables your app to be shown within Apple’s iOS Newsstand as an issue cover instead of an app icon on the home screen.
S2.5. Static HTML content Activated, this option adds an additional menu item to the menu of your app. This additional section displays HTML content, which is stored locally in the app (no internet connection is needed for the user). You could use this section to display legal or imprint information to your users.

The default name of this menu item is "Legal", as that is the most common use case for our clients. You can however, edit the name of the item in the translations section of the App Builder (* Button text: Static HTML).

Please use the entry field (* Static HTML Content) to define the HTML content you wish to display in this view. Remember to style the content in proper HTML format to ensure a good appearance.

Section 3: Title

Sign in and Registration helps users to get access to already purchased contents on several devices (and across platforms).

Nr. Fieldname Description
S3.1. Sign in Enables your app users to sign in to your app using email address and password. Please note, that enabling the registration (S3.2.) is required for this option unless you have an API Authentication integration.
S3.2. Registration Enables your app users to register inside your app using email address and password. Please note, that disabling the registration is required if you have an API Authentication integration. 

Section 4: In-App Purchase

The In App Purchase section lets you define if and how users can purchase and access paid contents of your kiosk. These options are only available if your app is running on a PressMatrix Plan for paid issues.

Nr. Fieldname Description
S4.1. In app purchases enabled Enables your users to buy single issues via In-App payments. Required for paid contents.
S4.2. In app subscriptions enabled Enables your users to buy digital subscriptions via In-App payment in the respective App Store.
S4.3. Voucher purchases enabled Enables your users to redeem voucher codes within your app.
S4.4. Voucher subscriptions enabled Enables your users to redeem voucher codes within your app. Additionally to point S4.3., the subscriptions button will be visible in the right menu within your app.
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