How do I export iOS certificates as .p12?


To be able to let PressMatrix sign your Apple iOS App for your organizations' App Store Account, the already created iOS Distribution Certificate or iOS Push Certificate including the Private Key needs to be provided to PressMatrix. For that you must use a P12 certificate file. You generate this file using your Mac computer.

Please note that your Certificate needs to already be created and installed on your local Mac computer before you can export it as .p12 file.

  1. Launch the Keychain App on your Mac
    Navigate using the “Finder” to the folder “Applications -> Utilities” and open the App called Keychain Access.
  2. Open your Certificates Overview
    Within the Keychain App, please select the “login” keychain within the “Keychains" section on the left and after that entry “My Certificates” below the “Categories" section. Now your certificate named “iOS Distribution: ...” should appear within the main list on the right side.
  3. Select your Certificate and choose export
    Please select your Distribution Certificate within the main list on the right side by clicking on it and open the context menu for the entry (Press and hold the Control (Ctrl) key while you click the mouse button). Now select the menu “Export iPhone Distribution: ...” from the context menu by clicking on it.
  4. Choose where to save the file on your Mac computer
    The Keychain App will now ask you where to place the .12 file on your local computer. Simply select a folder (e.g. Desktop) where you want the file to be stored to, choose "Personal Information Exchange (.p12)" from the "File Format" drop down and click the “Save” button on the bottom of the window.
  5. Choose a password for your .p12
    In order to protect your Certificate and Private Key within the .p12 file, you’ll be asked to provide a password for the file. Simply choose a password which you can remember easily (please note, that the password cannot be restored in case of a loss), enter it in the "Password" field as-well as to the “Verify" field and click “OK”. After you set the password, Keychain App might ask you for your login password. If so, enter your computer's password. This password will not be integrated into the .p12 file.
  6. Finished!
    Now you should find a file on your computer which’s name ends on .p12. You can provide the .p12 file including the password to PressMatrix in order to receive a signed Binary file.


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