Deactivate Google Subscriptions

How can I deactivate a Google subscription?

You can only change the subscription price for your app by following these steps 1:

1. Sign in to your Play Console.
2. Select an app.


3. Click on "Products > Subscriptions" in the left-hand menu under "Monetise".


4. Select a subscription.


5. Change the price for the subscription under "Standard price".


6. Click on "Save changes".

You can find more details on price changes in the Google Help Centre.

Once a subscription is activated, our system does not allow subscriptions to be deactivated. This is to protect the end user's experience.

If you need to cancel a user's subscription, you can look up the order ID on the "Order Management" page in the Play Console and cancel the order there. You can also access the "Purchases.Subscriptions Cancel API". For instructions on cancelling subscriptions, see the Android Developer Help Centre.

There are two ways you can cancel a subscription for a user. If you have the user's order ID or email address, you can look up the order ID or email address on the Order Management page in the Play Console and cancel the order there.

Or, if you have the purchase token, you can call the "Purchases.Subscriptions Cancel API" to cancel a subscription. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the Android Developers Help Centre.
A user can also cancel their own subscription in the "Subscriptions" section under "Account" in the Play Store.

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