Delete subscriptions/single purchases

App Store Connect

Unfortunately, it's not possible to delete single purchases or subscriptions. However, you can can remove them from sale by following the steps listed below:


1. Sign into your App Store Connect account.


2. On the menu on the left under "In-App Purchases", click on "Manage". 


3. Choose the item that you would like to remove from sale by clicking on its name.



4. You now have the possibility to unselect the box "Cleared for Sale" and upon agreeing to the terms on the pop-up window, deactivate the item for readers.

Google Play Console

Follow the steps below to deactivate or delete your in-app purchases. 


1. Sign into your Google Play Console account. 




2. Select your app and on the lefthand side menu under Monetise, click on the drop-down submenu "Products" and then click "in-app products".


3. Select the product that you would like to delete by clicking on the blue arrow.  




4. Here you have the opportunity to delete or deactivate your in-app product by clicking on the corresponding option on the top right of the screen. Deletion requires an explicit confirmation via a pop-up window. 



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