FAQ - How do I change the price of my in-app products in the Apple Store Connect?

How do I change the price of my in-app products on the Apple Store Connect?

1. To change the prices of single purchases and subscriptions of your app in the Apple Store Connect, please sign in with your account first.


2. Then select the menu item "In-App Purchases" and "Manage".



3. You will now be in the overview of your in-app products. To change the price, please select the relevant product by clicking on the link name.

Next, you will be in the overview of your in-app product. Scroll down to "Subscription prices" and click on the blue cross. There you can now select the item "Plan subscription price changes". 


4. you will now be guided through the following steps. 5. as soon as you click on "Done", you will be taken to the next step:


5. Once you have clicked on "Done", you only need to confirm your changes in the in-app product overview by clicking on "Save" in the top right corner.

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