Version 4.x

New Functions!




  • Remove edition files automatically if update request returns 404
  • Hide subscription buttons when edition is singlePurchaseRequired
  • Keep audio playing when device gets locked


  • Optimisation of the display of the PDF text on larger iPads.
  • ighlights are now sorted by position.




  • BUGFIX: Prevents potential crash after app launch on Android.




The following functions are now available:

• Forgotten password
• "Show password" icon in the password text field of the Login View
• Deeplinks in push messages


• Widget Download
• Height of highlight items
• Email composer opens email app in text reading mode


  • The app is now even more accessible through VoiceOver function.
  • Subscriptions are now sorted by validity for a better overview.
  • In the future, there will be a new overview of purchased issues (My Issues).
  • There is now an app user guide in the in-app menu.
  • Links in the issue cover info pop-up are now clickable.
  • Items can be played individually on Android devices.


  • After entering a voucher code, the app no longer has to be restarted for content access to be granted.
  • App store and voucher code subscriptions are now displayed separately in the subscription overview. 


  • Image gallery zoom


  • Alternative image option for loading screen icon


  • Language filter 


Advantages of the New App Version 4.x:

- Improved usability and user experience

- More stable client

- Push notifications with notification badge on app

- Readers can send feedback directly from the app

- Covers displayed in the original formatting

- Possibility to save the Android app on external storage

- Audio/video native player (increased stability and ease of use)

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