What are Deep Links?

What are deep links?

Just as you would normally attach a URL link to your promotional material or an article to direct customers to specific content, deep links fulfil the same function within apps.

Customers who have already installed the app will land directly on the respective content. If a customer is not yet using the app, he/she will be taken to the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on the provider, where he/she can download the app.

In the Workbench, you have the options of creating deep links for categories, pages within the magazine or articles and using them in your print publication or digitally.

How do I work with deep links in the Workbench?

In the issue overview you will find the overview of your deep links under the tab "Settings".


This will take you to the overview of your deep links. You will see the type of linked content marked. Is it a category, a page, a single article or an issue from your archive? In the right-hand column you will also see QR codes for the respective content, which you can download and use in your print publication or on your website.


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