Articles are a service that allows you to provide tailored content, independent of subscriptions. Articles can be enriched with additional formatting, such as images, videos and links.

How do I create articles?

  • Articles can be created in the Workbench after the module has been activated for you by our service team.
  • The additional menu item will then be visible in the Workbench. 

Can I categorize my articles? 

Yes, just like with regular magazine issues, you can create separate categories for your articles. 




How do I create articles in other languages?

In the upper left corner of the article overview, the language of the article can be selected. If you would like to create articles in multiple languages, attention must be paid to the language settings of each individual article.



Font settings

If you click on the "Settings" button in the top right corner, the following view is displayed. Here, you can change the general settings of the article's appearance (e.g. font size, font style, font color and line height). If you want to customize the design further, there is the possibility to use your own CSS. Screenshot_2020-10-20_at_17.49.40.png


General Settings

If you click on "New Article", you are redirected to the following view, where you can select the publication date and language, among other settings. The name of the article is displayed in the kiosk view within the app and should therefore be kept short. Under the field "Preview", you have the possibility to add preview text to the article. Under "Image" you must upload a preview image for the article. Without an image, the article cannot be created. Screenshot_2020-10-20_at_18.27.55.png


Composing Text

Once you have filled out the necessary fields, uploaded an image and clicked on "Create", you will be directed to the following overview. To fill the article with content, click on "Compose".Screenshot_2020-10-20_at_18.41.42.png


After any text has been entered, it is important to click on "Update" to save and apply all changes. 



How can I enrich my articles with MP3, MP4, email or pictures?

Whether pictures, videos or links and email addresses, you can easily add them in the editor:

  • Images: Just click on the "picture icon" at the top of the toolbar. After that a line of code will appear where you just have to insert the image link within the brackets. If you only have the image as a file on your computer, you can alternatively drag and drop the image into the editor. 
  • Videos: You can insert videos into the article via HTML. To do this, go to Youtube, for example, under the video you want to insert and click on "Share". Afterwards you will see different options. Now please click on "Embed", copy the displayed code (<iframe...) and paste it into the article at the desired position. 
  • Links/Email addresses: To add a hyperlink to a link or an email address, please click on the "link icon" in the toolbar. A line of code will then appear in which you only need to insert the corresponding link within the brackets.

Otherwise you can embed all other widgets, such as images, audio or email widgets via HTML. If you click on the question mark in the "Edit" section, you will get to the Markdown Guide page: markdown-guide . This step requires some knowledge of HTML. HTTPS is the safe way to do this (otherwise HTTP will occasionally appear in the URL).


How do I create a preview for my articles?

With the "Preview" button, the created article can be viewed before publication and corrected if necessary. 


More information about what Paid Articles are and how to create them can be found here.
















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