Mobile app update to version 4


Several new features will make your production work easier and provide your readers with an even more enjoyable reading experience. In the future, all app updates will be upgraded to the Client 4.x for both Android and iOS.

Upgrading to the new version involves the migration of your existing app design. Most of the colors and graphics from your current design can and will be used in the new version. One completely new element is the logo in the kiosk header aka the shop logo, that is now displayed on all devices. We need this logo as a scalable vector graphic (SVG) - requirements.


Upgrade to the new version of our app

  1. You send us the SVG file of your shop logo (requirements) via email with the subject "I would like to upgrade the app of my publication to the new version" 
  2. We send you a preview app of your app for approval
  3. You give us green lights and We submit the updates to the app stores



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