Adding Widgets

In the Pegasus Workbench, you can enrich your issues for viewing via app and browser client. However, due to technical reasons, not all enrichments will be displayed in the browser client. The widgets which are not compatible with the browser client are HTML5 and linking between issues. 

Adding Widgets:

By dragging your mouse pointer across an area of the page to the size of your liking, you will trigger the widget menu. From this menu, you can then choose a widget type. After the widget type has been selected, you may reposition it by dragging the widget button across the page. The selected area is relevant only for the clickable area to activate the widget from within the app, it does not affect the display (with the exception of image and video widgets). With the "+" on the widget window, you can choose whether to display a button for your readers or to simply enable the function upon click.

Text: Text widgets are created from the PDF file during the importation process. You can activate or deactivate the text/reading mode from the "Publish" overview of an individual issue. You may also add extra text widgets in order to display (for example) additional information.

Image: Here you have, for example, the option to swap between pre-existing imported images or to add a caption. 

Widget Creator (Image Gallery):
 You can use the Widget Creator to create an image gallery, where images can be displayed with titles and descriptions and you can choose a fitting background colour. Guide to the Widget Creator

 Link widgets allow you to link to other websites, ads etc. Please remember to enter the full URL "https://". 

Page references: You can use page references to guide your audience from the contents page to different locations within the issue (or another issue within the same publication).

 Email widgets open directly in the device's default email program. 

MP3 playback.

MP4 playback/rendition.

Format Guidelines for Audio and Video

Videos appear the size of the area that you select. We recommend selecting a 16:9 ratio across the entire breadth of the page. Due to the selected area not being clickable, it may overlap another widget's area. However, in order to start and stop the video, a button must be placed outside of the video area. 

Embedding a YouTube video link. This button appears as a YouTube logo. More Information can be found here.

Map (Google Maps):
This widget allows you to display your company's address or the address of an event. You may enter the street address and it will then be displayed via Google Maps.

For more details, please contact the Service Team. 

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