Category-Based Subscriptions

Category-based subscriptions

Category-based subscriptions work in a similar way to standard subscriptions, with the difference that here you can specifically specify which category or categories the subscription should contain.

A category can then be assigned to an In App or Unlock Code subscription. In App subscriptions as well as activation codes can thus explicitly activate issues that are assigned to a specific category.

Category-based subscription

Category-based subscriptions require a separate CSV file with activation codes for each category. A code may only exist once per publication/app.

If a user is to have access to issues from 2 categories, a (different) code must be created in both lists (the user must enter two codes in the app). Or the user receives a code from a 3rd list, which contains activation codes that are valid for both categories.

Important note on activation:

The "Category-based subscriptions" function must be activated by Pressmatrix so that it is available and can be used in Pegasus.

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