Voucher Codes in Pegasus


In addition to selling single issues and attracting new subscribers within your apps, you can also give existing subscribers access to the contents they recently purchased. The users simply enters a personalized voucher code that you defined and gains access to the specified contents in your apps and the browser client. 

The access to your contents can be predefined for every one of your readers (voucher codes) and can vary between single issues and predefined run-times. You can choose to either import your list of subscribers in an automated upload via a FTP or you could add them manually to the Pegasus system.  

The following steps are necessary, if you want to use voucher codes in your apps:  

1. Activate the functionality for your apps

  1. We usually activate the voucher code functionality in the apps we submit. If the option is not available to your readers, please let us know and we will submit an update of your app that will activate the feature.

2. Add the voucher codes  

  1. Add voucher codes manually (useful for marketing offers, refunds, advertisers, employees)
  2. Import voucher codes via FTP (useful for daily mass import of print-subscriber access codes)
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