Create & manage Highlights

Highlights are visually stunning banner elements, which can be used to present topics in a very emotional way. Highlights are used to guide the attention of your users to specific Categories in your app, that are most important to you. 

You can either use the automated creation of Highlight tiles from magazine covers or create your own graphics and upload them. The choice of how to arrange and display the Highlight tiles in your app is also up to you and can differ for smartphone and tablet. 

If the Highlights are activated for your account you can find them in the menu via "Categories" - "Highlights". 


Create Highlights

  1. Create a new Highlight via the "New Highlight" button on the overview page
  2. Choose a Category, to which this Highlight banner should link to 
  3. Define the area of the image that needs to be visible, when the Highlight banner (or cover) does not fit into the visible area
  4. Please either upload a image file yourself (2048x2048 pixel) or activate the "Generate automatically" option - to either use your own image or let the system create one out of the most recent cover of the Category of this Highlight
  5. Activate this Highlight, if it should be visible for your users right away
  6. After saving everything, you can adjust the order of your Highlights with the arrow buttons directly in the overview


Display options

Next to the button to create a new Highlight, you will find the access to the display options. In this section you can edit the option of how the Highlights will be displayed in your app. 

  1. Please specify, how many Highlights you want to fit into the visible area of each device. A higher number of Highlights results in smaller Highlight tiles. 
  2. De-/activate the parallax animation, which is used during scrolling in the Highlights section
  3. De-/activate color gradient, which smoothens out the transitions between the Highlight tiles
  4. De-/activate the Category names, shown in the bottom left corner of every tile
  5. Changes will be visible in the app right after you hit the update button (you might need to freshly restart the app on your device though)


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