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Highlights are visually stunning banner elements which can be used to display publication categories in an eye-catching manner. They can be used to guide the attention of your users to the most important categories in your app. 

When the Highlights feature is activated on your account, the settings are accessible from within the "Categories" drop-down menu in the Workbench. When creating Highlight elements, you have the option to either automatically generate graphics from magazine covers contained within the category or upload your own images. You can then choose how many Highlights tile should be displayed in each device type. 



How to Create Highlights

  1. Click on the "New Highlight" button on the overview page
  2. From the drop-down menu, choose the category that the Highlight should represent
  3. Specify the area of the image that always remains visible, regardless of the size of the screen
  4. You can upload your own image (2048x2048 pixels) or activate the "Generate automatically" button which creates a tile using the cover of the most recent issue in the represented category.
  5. When the Highlight is activated, it is immediately visible to app viewers. You can choose to activate the Highlight for the live app, only the preview app, or both.
  6. After creating the Highlights, you can change the order that they appear in, by clicking on the arrows listed under "Position". 



Display Options

Next to the button "New Highlight", you will find the button "Settings", where you can adjust how Highlights are displayed in your app according to the screen size of the device. 

  1. Specify how many Highlights you want to fit into the visible area of each device. A higher number of Highlights results in smaller Highlight tiles. 
  2. De-/activate the parallax effect
  3. De-/activate color gradient (creates a smooth transition between tiles)
  4. De-/activate the category names (when active, names appear in the bottom left corner of each tile)
  5. Changes will be visible in the app right after you click the update button (restarting the app may be necessary to see the effects)

View in the Kiosk-App

Below you can see the view of the highlights within your Kiosk-App. The highlights are displayed as a separate tab:



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