Facebook Sharing - Creating an App ID

You need a Facebook App ID to activate the sharing feature (Facebook) in the Kiosk Apps. It is stored in your Pegasus Workbench Account. Please note that all your mobile apps have to be updated to ensure that the changes are active.

You don't need any special programming skills to undertake the following steps; however, you need an already existing Facebook account. PressMatrix recommends using a Facebook Business Account.

To create a Facebook ID, do the following:  

  1. Log in on https://developers.facebook.com
  2. In the menu "My apps" (on top, right) choose the option "Add a new app"
  3. Provide the following three pieces of information:
    • "Display Name" - visible in all shared posts as the sender
    • "Contact E-Mail Address" - for all the information concerning this app
    • "Category" - assign a subject area to your magazine
  4. Save the entry with the button "Create an App ID"
  5. Please copy the "App ID" that will be displayed to you next ("Dashboard").

  6. In the left menu, switch to the point "App Review" and activate your Facebook App through the option "Make... public?" in the top part of the site. 

  7. In the last step, please switch to the Pegasus Workbench and put the copied Facebook App ID in all active designs of the requested publication and then switch to the "Preferences" tab. You will find there a corresponding field. 
  8. In order for these changes to be active in your mobile apps, they need to be updated. Please request an update though our web form.
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