Google Service Account

Why do I need a Google Service Account?

In order to allow your customers to buy auto-renewable subscriptions, you will need to create a Google Service Account. To create an account, please follow the instructions below:


Step 1 - Log into the Google Play Developer Console

Log into the Google Play Developer Console and from the main menu, click on API Access, then scroll down and click on the option Create Service Account.




Step 2 -  Navigate to the Google API Console

After clicking on Create Service Account, a small pop-up will appear in your browser. Follow the link to the Google API Console in this pop-up window, as pictured below.



Step 3 - Create a Service Account and Private Key

After clicking on the link to the Google API Console, you will be redirected to the following view. Please click on + CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT as highlighted in the orange circle in the screenshot below. 



Name the new service account "PressMatrix Services" und click on CREATE



On the next screen, click on the drop-down menu, Select a role.

Please choose the role Service Accounts -> Service Account User .


On the following screen, click on + ADD KEY



Choose the option to save the key in JSON format, then click on CREATE




You will now have downloaded the key in JSON format to your computer. Please keep this file safe, as you will later send it to 


 Step 4 - Granting Access and Managing Permissions

Return to the other browser tab, or if you have closed it, navigate manually back to the Google Play Console and to the menu item API access.

You should now be able to see your newly created Service Account. The name should begin with pressmatrix-services as shown below. To grant the necessary rights to this new account, please click on GRANT ACCESS. In case you cannot see this new account, please try refreshing the page. 



On the following page, please make sure that under Permission you have enabled ADMIN access. The rest of the settings can be left as is. 


The final step is to copy the email address indicated by the orange arrow and send this information, together with the JSON file, to us at

After receiving your mail, we'll enter the data in our system ASAP, finishing up the activation process for in-app auto-renewable subscriptions!






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