Google Service Account

In order for the subscriptions of your subscribers to renew automatically, you'll need to edit some settings in your Google Service Account. 

Step 1 - Link projects

Please log in to your Google Play Developer Console and open the "Settings" section and select "API access".

Click the button "Create new project", if there is no existing project in the list. You should now see a "linked project". 

Step 2 - Open Developer Console

Scroll down to the section Service Account and click the "Create Service Account" button at the bottom of the page. 

Follow the instructions in the pop up window --> navigate to the Google Developers Console. 

Step 3 - Create Service Account Key 

Please log in to your Google Play Developer Console, open the menu on the top left next to the Google logo and choose "API Manager". Now switch to the "Credentials" section. Next, click the "Create credentials" button and choose the option "Service account key". 

Complete the form with the following data and save your entry. 

Service account: New Service Account

Service account name: PressMatrix Services

Service account-ID: Will automatically be chosen by Google

Key type: P12

An automated download will start now and a file (with the ending .p12) will be saved to your computer. Please keep this file and create a personal note with the password of this file. 

Step 4 - Service Account Permissions

Please go back to the Google Play Developer Console and access the "Settings" section once more. Open the "API access" overview and scroll down to the "Service Accounts" section. 

Make a personal note with the e-mail address for this Service Account (starting with "pressmatrix-services@api...") and click the "Grant Access" button a little further to the right of this entry. 

In the drop down menu for the role select "Finance" and click the button to "Add user" at the end of the form. You don't need to edit any other settings in this view. 

Step 5 - Activation of Service Account by PressMatrix

Please send the Service Account e-mail address, the .p12 file and the password to for the activation. Please also make sure to include an information on the name of your publication in the Pegasus system. 




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