Copy pages across editions

It is possible to copy complete pages from one edition to another in the Pegasus Workbench. The only requirement for this to work, is that both editions exist in publications of the same organisation. You can use this feature e.g. to add additional pages (incl. text import) to one existing edition. 

With the exception of page links, all other enrichments on the page will be copied with the page.

The process of copying a page has to be triggered in the target edition: 

  1. Open the target edition in the "Enrich"-mode
  2. Select the option "Manage pages" from the tools and menu above the page
  3. After choosing the "Copy pages" option, you need to define which pages form which specific magazine you want to copy. The position where these additional pages should be inserted needs to be defined as well.
  4. You can verify your selection via the preview-button and start the process in the next step

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