Can I replace an existing App with the PressMatrix App?


Yes, it's possible to replace your existing app on request. Replacing existing apps has certain advantages such as the fact that users will not have to look for your app and deal with installation settings. They will receive the new app as an update and usually automatically. 

To safely and quickly update your existing application by replacing it with the PressMatrix kiosk app, please take note of the following points: 


Apps for the App Store

The following information needs to be available in order to update applications in the Apple App Store:

  • Bundle Identifier (Apple iTunes Connect / Apple Developer Portal)
  • App ID (Apple iTunes Connect)
  • Number of the App Binary version that was last published (.ipa)
  • Developer certificates and documents for the signing your new App Binary (ipa)

Apps for the Google Play Store

The following information needs to be available for an update through the Google Play Store:

  • Package name of the App Binary last published (.apk)
  • Number of the App Binary version last published (.apk)
  • Keystore files (.keysotre), Keystore alias and Keystore password of the App Binary last published (.apk)


Apps with Paid Content

To ensure a seamless replacement of your existing apps, it is necessary to link previously published issues with their pre-existing Product IDs. The same principle applies for pre-existing in-app subscriptions. This can be done from the Pegasus Workbench via the Meta Information section of the individual issues. Only then can users continue to access their in-app purchases after updating the app to the PressMatrix build. Users can restore their in-app purchases by choosing the option "Restore" from the side menu. 


Ordering the PressMatrix Kiosk App Files

As soon as you have finished collecting the information above and you are happy with the app design, you can request contact support for your PressMatrix kiosk app files ( ).

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