Promotion Manager

The PressMatrix Promotion Manager allows you to use interactive advertising forms to highlight content in your app. If promotions are activated in your app, campaigns can be created and banners can be created. In the apps and the browser client, the banners appear prominently above the issues. 

Mobile Apps & Browser Client


The following options are available for the banners: 

Single Issue:

  • displays the cover of the selected issue and links to the issue 
    • select "Single Issue" and "Open Issue"
    • here you can select the issue you want to link to


  • links to a category and displays the cover of the most recent issue in that category
  • select "Category" and "open Category"
  • here you can select which category should be linked to


Link to the App Store: 

  • select "goto_appstore"
  • there you can change the display mode and insert the corresponding appstore links

Link to a website:

  • select "goto_website
  • there you have to insert a URL to display the banner
  • it can also be determined whether an external browser is opened

Linking within the app:

  • select "goto_view"
  • there you can select a view to be displayed (activation codes, subscriptions, sharing, login and rating)

No link, only an image as banner:

  • select "none"
  • there you can set the display mode and upload the image files for the banner

Banner sizes:

  • Banner (portrait): 1536 x 600 pixels
  • Banner (Landscape): 2048 x 600 Pixel

Promotional banners can be uploaded as both PNG and JPG files. Please make sure not to use any umlauts (ä, ü, etc.) or special characters in the file name. 

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