Create In App Products in the Amazon Developer Console

To be able to sell paid content in your Amazon apps, it is necessary for you to create in app items for those products in the Amazon Developer Console and thereby register the items you would like to sell.

Please note: In order to be able to offer paid content in your Amazon app, you are required to activate the payment functionality in your Amazon Developer Account first.

Create new In App Purchase items

  1. Log in to the Amazon Developer Console with your credentials
  2. Navigate down to your list of apps and select the relevant app. Once you are in the settings of your app open the "In-App Items" tab from the menu.
  3. At the bottom of the list of existing In-App Items (if any), click the button "Add new Entitlement".

  4. Fill out the form and save your changes.

    General Information

    Field Description Required?
    Title Title of your issue  Yes
    SKU A unique ID, that identifies this issue. The SKU has a max. length of 150 characters. Yes
    Type Entitlement Yes
    Content delivery "No additional file required" Yes 


  5. The item detail page now displays three additional tabs, where you need to configure additional details about your in-app item. Please fill out all the necessary fields.

    Availability & Pricing

    Field Description Required?
    Are you charging for this entitlement? Select "Yes, my base list price is ..." and enter the price of your issue. Valid prices (in USD) can range from $0.99 to $99.00. Yes
    Calculated prices

    After you set the base price, you will have the option of either manually setting the price for other currencies, or allowing the Amazon Appstore to set those prices for you, based on conversion rates and taxes.

    When would you like this item to be available? You can leave this field blank, as the availability of your items (issues) in the apps is controlled by our Pegasus Workbench. No

    Reference - Description

    Field Description Required?
    Language English is always selected as the default language. You are however free to add metadata in additional languages. No
    Display Title

    Title of the issue

    Description Short description of your issue. (Max. length of 1200 characters) Yes
    Keywords Enter keywords that help users find this issue and your app in the appstore. Keywords can be separated by comma or a space. No

    Reference - Images

    Field Description Required?
    Language English is always selected as the default language. You are however free to add images in additional languages. No
    Small icon

    114 x 114px PNG file with transparency. This must be the same as the large icon.

    Large icon 512 x 512px PNG file with transparency. This must be the same as the small icon. Yes

  6. The green checkmarks indicate if all the required information is available in that section. When you are done entering all of the details please "Submit In-App Item".
  7. Your In-App Item will now be checked by Amazon and be available for purchase in your app as soon as the status switches to "Live".
  8. In addition to the review, you'll need to copy the SKU of this in-app item into the Pegasus Workbench. Please log in to the Pegasus Workbench with your login credentials and open the "Issues" overview of your publication.
  9. Hover over one of the covers with your mouse and select the "PUBLISH" button. Scroll down to the "Single Purchase Settings" and copy the SKU ID of your Amazon In-App Item into the given field and set the price for this issue.


Important: This is how you save a Shared Secret Key in Pegasus

In order for your users to be able to purchase in-app products and subscriptions, you will need to deposit a shared key in the Pegasus system once.

  1. Log in to
  2. You should be able to see your individual Amazon Shared Secret Key now.
  3. Please copy that key and enter it in your Pegasus-Account under "My App" - "Settings" and into the field "Amazon Shared Secret".


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