Activate In App Purchases for Amazon Appstore

In order to be able to offer paid content in your Amazon app, it is necessary for you to activate the payment functionality in your Amazon Developer Account. To activate this feature you are required to provide Amazon with the necessary "Payment Information" and "Tax Identity" in the settings section of your Developer Account. 

If you only offer free content in your Amazon Appstore app and are also not planning to offer paid content, you are not required to fill out those forms. 

To activate the in app purchase functionality:

  1. Log in to the Amazon Developer Portal with your credentials
  2. Access the section "Payment Information" via the "Settings" menu. Enter the required information and save them. 

  3. Now access the section "Tax Identity" via the Settings" menu and enter the required information and save them. If you need help filling out the tax identity form, take a look at the Tax information Interview Guide from Amazon.

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