Create In App Products in your Google Play Account

In order to be able to offer a fee-based edition through in-app purchases in your Kiosk-App for Android devices, an in-app product must be set up in advance in the Google Play Developer Console for this purpose.

Note: Before you can offer fee-based editions for Android devices, you must first activate the payment function through Google Wallet.

Setting up new in-app products

  1. Log into the Google Play Developer Console with your user information.
  2. Choose your app under "All Apps" and open the "Products" menu.
  3. Click on "Create Product"
  4. Choose a Product-ID in lowercase letters



The Product-ID for an issue does not have to be different between the individual stores.


4. Give the title and a short description matching the issue
These details are only displayed during the purchase process. You define the name of the             expenditure shown in the kiosk yourself in Pegasus.



5. Press "Add a Price" and enter the net price of the issue. The gross price in the available                countries below will be dynamically adjusted to the net price entered. Please make sure that the gross price is equal to the price in other stores (if any). If you also want to sell the issue via Apple iOS, please note the fixed price steps at Apple:

Apple App Store Pricing


6. Apply the Price and Save your Product.

7. Log into your Pegasus account with your login information and switch to the Edition                       Overview for your publication.

8. Open the dialog "Publish" for your edition and add the price in Cent and the Google Product           ID of the in-app purchase you created to the "Individual Purchase Settings".



In App Product entry form - Reference

Field Description Mandatory
Product type Choose Managed product Yes
Product-ID EA unique ID used for reporting. It can consist of letters and numbers (no capital letters) Yes
Title The title of the product / edition as visible to your customers Yes
Description The description of the product / edition as visible to your customers Yes
Standard price

Price in EUR  (price without taxes)

Automatic price conversion You can specify local prices for other countries or automatically convert the standard price on the basis of the current exchange rate and tax rates (if available). No



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