What does each Apple iTunes App Status mean?


Apple informs you in your iTunes Account as well as via E-Mail (E-Mail address of your Team Agent) about the current statu of your App. When you submit your App this status changes frequently and you thus always know, what is happening or what you have to do.


App Status Description
Pending Contract

Either the updated agreements from Apple were not accepted yet (in your iTunes connect Account in the "Contracts, Tax and Banking" section) or your Apple Developer Program has expired (this needs to be renewed in your Apple Developer account).

Waiting for Review

The App was submitted to the Apple Review and is currently waiting in the queue. During this status you are still able to change the settings in your store entry such as texts and screenshots.

In Review The App is now in the Apple review. Please do not make any changes on your issue in Pegasus as this could endanger the success of the review (e.g. when the issue is not available at this time because of an export of the pdf-file).
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