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Subscription integration for publishers

It is possible to give existing subscribers access to the content they already paid for. To do so, it will be necessary for you to provide us with a CSV file, that consists of the subscription data of your users. This file will be automatically imported into the PressMatrix system on a a regular basis via a FTP server. 

CSV file format

The CSV file that we need to successfully import your subscribers needs to include the following columns:  

1. Code
Voucher code (subscriber-number, client reference number, or else), which the users enters in the app to gain access to the specific content.

2./3. Subscription Start / Subscription End
Defines the subscription period of this specific user. The user gains free access to all issues that were published in between those dates.

4. Maximum number of redemptions
Maximum number of devices this code can be used on.

A regulation of the period of validity of voucher codes is not available. This can be handled directly inside the CSV file and via the list of codes it contains - if you want a voucher code not to be valid any more, please simply remove it from the list in the CSV file before the next import. Please see further information on those options further down this pages. 

Formatting of the CSV file:

  • Format: csv
  • Header: Columns need to only be ‘Code, From, To, Maximum number of redemptions’ as well as valid subscription codes with a start and end date (Date-Format: DD.MM.YYYY) of the subscription per row.
  • Columns are separated by a semicolon ‘;’.
  • To indicate a row break one needs to use the Unix compatible LF ‘\n’. Code of the document is UTF-8.

Example CSV Content (download)

Code Subscription Start Subscription End Maximum number of redemptions
100045A 31.01.2012 24.12.2014 3
100045B 31.01.2012 24.12.2014 3
100045C 31.01.2014 24.12.2015 3
100045D 31.01.2014 24.12.2015 3
100045E 31.01.2014 24.12.2015 3


Delivery of the CSV file via a FTP server

The publisher will save the CSV file to a FTP server provided by the publisher itself. Name and data path of the CSV file may not be changed. Newer versions of the file will overwrite earlier ones on the server. Synchronization can start as soon as the publisher saved the file appropriately and supplied PressMatrix with the necessary access information.

The time when this CSV file is synchronized with the PressMatrix system is subject to change. It is however guaranteed that it will happen at least once every 24 hours on 7 days a week.


Changes to the CSV file can be handled like this: 

OPTION A - Add codes

  • With this option, new codes from CSV imports will always only be added to the system. Codes that are not in the CSV list will NOT be deleted from the database. 
  • That means that codes will continue to exist in the system and can be redeemed by a user. However, you can edit voucher codes manually in the Pegasus Workbench. More information on manual editing  

OPTION B - Update codes

  • With this setting, only the codes from the latest CSV import will be kept in the database. Voucher codes that are not included in the list, will be deleted from our database. 
  • Codes that you deleted from the CSV file will be deactivated and deleted from the PressMatrix system and can not be redeemed by an app user. If they try to enter this code they will get an error message. 
  • Redemptions of subscription codes that were included in the previous list and have been deleted from the current list will continue to be active and have access on the defined contents. Changes to existing codes or their settings will update the existing and future redemptions of the voucher code.
  • Once deleted subscription codes can easily be reactivated. Simply add the voucher codes to the CSV file again and we will add them to our system with the next import.

Activation of the FTP Integration Setup for your publication

Please validate that all required information below are complete and request the configuration of the FTP integration using this online form.

  • Connection Details (readonly) are known and testet. Required information are: FTP Server Address, FTP Protocol is supported (FTP, SFTP or FTPES), FTP Port, Username und Password.
  • CSV File was persisted on the FTP Server and is accessible.
  • CSV File contents were encoded using UTF-8.
  • Dates within the CSV file are formatted using DD.MM.YYYY

Please also add a comment if you want to go with OPTION A or B regarding the data from imported CSV files.  

Note on the activation of the voucher code functionality in the apps:

    • In order to use the voucher code function for your apps, it is necessary to activate the feature in the app builder. 
    • You can find the setting in the app builder in the "Design" area. Select the app design, stay in the "General" and scroll down to the section "In-App Purchases"
      • activate Voucher purchases (activates the voucher code menu for single issues)
      • activate Voucher subscriptions (activates the voucher code menu for subscriptions and in addition activates the section "Subscriptions", where users can see their active subscriptions and their run times)
    • Further information you can find in this article on the app builder section "General" 
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