Dialog - App settings

The tab "App Settings" allows your users to customize the behavior of your app installation. 


1. Loading of issues only via WIFI

When this option is activated, downloads of further digital issues are only operable with an active WIFI connection. This option is beneficial for users, who would like to conserve data volume.

2. Showing Media elements

When this option is enabled, all multimedia elements on a page can be highlighted with a single tab on the respective page.

3. Background color for issue reader mode

Allows the user to choose the background color (black or white) in the issue reader mode on which the pages are being displayed. 

4. Disk memory management

The app's internal memory usage management allows the user to control and monitor the memory used by the digital issues of the app. The following options are available to the user:

Option Description
Number of magazines to keep

Defines the maximum amount of digital issues that should be stored at the same time on the device. If the number of downloaded issues exceeds this number, the longest not-used issue will be deleted from the device.

Options to choose from: 1, 5, 10 or all issues.

Disk memory usage

Displays the currently used disk memory for downloaded issues.
Show a warning dialog every time

Show (or disable) the warning dialog every time when the limit for downloaded issues is reached.

(Requires App Version: Apple iOS 2.0.24 (26.01.2014) and Android & Amazon 2.0.27 (23.01.2015))

5. Version of the Kiosk App

Shows the client version of the installed kiosk app.


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