Dialog - App Settings

The tab "App Settings" allows users to customize the behaviour of their app installation. 



1. Download issues over WiFi only

When this setting is activated, full issues will only download when a WiFi connection is present. This setting gives users more control over their device storage volume and data usage. 

2. Highlight multimedia elements

When this setting is activated, the multimedia elements available on a page will be highlighted with a tab.

3. Background color issue pages: white

This setting allows the user to choose the background colour (black or white) for the reading mode. 

4. Manage memory

The user can manage the app's internal memory in terms of specifying how many issues may be stored at any time and how much memory may be used. The following options are available to the user:

Option Description
Number of magazines to keep

Defines the maximum number of downloaded issues that may be stored on the device at any time. If the number of downloaded issues exceeds this number, the issue that has not been accessed for the longest amount of time will be deleted from the device.

It is possible to select from 1 up to 10 issues, while the "manage memory" setting is active. If you would like to keep an unlimited number of issues on you device, please disable this setting.  

Occupied disk memory

Displays the currently used disk memory for downloaded issues.
Show a warning dialog every time

Show a warning dialog when the storage limit for downloaded issues is reached.

(Available from App Versions: Apple iOS 2.0.24 (26.01.2014) and Android 2.0.27 (23.01.2015))


5. Version of the Kiosk App

Shows the client version of the installed kiosk app.


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