Manage links

You can add links server-sided to Pegasus, which are then listed in a separate menu item* in the right menu bar of your app (default name "Sharing" - can be adapted in the app builder under "Translations").


You have the following settings:

Field Description
Titel The "title" is visible to your users and you can access the URL under "Link".

The "Icon" should have the dimensions 120x120 pixels and appears to the left of the title.

Open externally Under "Open externally", you can selet, if the link is opened only / only with Android / only with iOS / never in an external browser.
Active Under "Active", you can set whether or not the link is visible in the app.


(*) Notes:

  • Please note that the "Sharing" feature must be enabled in your app to display the links in the app.
  • You can enable the Sharing-function in the App Builder on the General tab under General Features.
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