Browser Client Custom Domain Name (Subdomain)


The default URL for your browser client redirects to the domain As some use cases require the URL to match their brand, PressMatrix allows you to configure a custom hostname.

Prerequisites for Setting up a Custom Domain

  • Access to your domain’s DNS settings
  • Basic understanding of domain and DNS configurations

Configure and activate a custom subdomain for the PressMatrix Browser Client

  1. Create your desired subdomain (e.g. using the configuration portal of your domain service provider.
  2. Change the DNS settings of your subdomain by setting the CNAME records target value to
  3. Validate your CNAME record using a free web service (See "how to" below this article). If the validation fails, please fix the configuration of your CNAMEs before heading to step 4.
  4. Log in to pegasus. Open the "Browser Client" section via the "My App" menu. Fill in the subdomain, which you created and determine your language.

How to validate your CNAME record using a free web service

  1. Open in your preferred browser
  2. Enter the subdomain you want to check the CNAME for and click on the button "MX Lookup"
  3. Search for "CNAME Lookup" (Column type will contain CNAME) within the result table.
  4. If a row containing a CNAME pointing to exists your DNS configuration is complete.
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