Inviting PressMatrix to your Apple Account

In order for PressMatrix to be able to configure apps on your behalf, you must first invite a PressMatrix user to join your Apple account. The steps to invite the PressMatrix user to your Apple Account, including the required permission level, are detailed in this guide.

Note: Requirements for the following workflows

If you haven't received your invitation details yet, please contact out service team at

1. Open your App Store Connect Account

Please open your Apple's App Store Connect Account at and log in using your organisation’s admin account. On the overview view please choose “Users and Access”.



2. Add a new user

The "People" sections gives you an overview of your active Account Members. Please click the big blue button and enter the name and email address we provided you with. In case you did not receive invitation details for iTunes Connect, please contact us at

PressMatrix needs the “admin” Role and access to "Developer Resources", in order to be able to manage the required certificates and the master shared secret, which are connected with our backend. 



3. Verification email is sent

PressMatrix will now receive this invitation and will accept it within 48 hours. The pending invitation is listed in the overview of the "People" view. 


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