Reader Management and Reader Segments

Reader management

Reader management must be activated for your publication by our service team. As soon as it has been activated, the areas can be accessed in the Workbench under "Services" > "Readers".

In the list you will find all readers who are currently using or have ever used your apps or the browser client. You can search for a reader via the public ID, a user token (if external subscription management is connected) or via an e-mail address.

Additional information about the reader can be found in the detailed view and the login limit of the selected reader can also be reset there. This option offers a quick alternative to contacting our service team.

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All readers are automatically assigned to different segments depending on their devices and user behavior. In future, these segments can also be used in the areas of push messages, promotion banners and statistics to address or evaluate individual target groups.

  Status Anonymous Not registered
  Status Registered Registered
  New User Created in the last 7 days
  Active User Signed in in the last 30 days
  Inactive User Not signed in in the last 30 days or never signed in
  Web From platform web
  App From platform Android & iOS
  App (iOS) From platform iOS

App (Android)

From platform Android

Active Subscriptions

Has at least one active subscription

No Subscriptions

Has no subscription at all


Has in-app purchases

No Purchases

Has no in-app purchases
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