Embedding a YouTube Video

In addition to your own video, you can also integrate YouTube video links into your issue, which are then available to readers online. This offers a wider range of information and entertainment to readers while at the same time avoiding slow download times, as your file will only contain the essentials.


The following steps instruct you on how to add a link to a YouTube video:

1. Select the area for the widget to appear and choose the option to create a new YouTube widget. 

YouTube widgets always in fullscreen mode within Youtube, regardless of the size of the selection area you have chosen for the widget. It is therefore not necessary to select a large area for the widget, an area big enough for the widget icon is sufficient, so that the user is aware of the additional content. 


2. Enter the link to your desired YouTube video and click on "saved".Screenshot_2019-11-05_at_13.17.24.png


The following YouTube link/URL types are supported:


 (classic Video URL)



 (abbreviated Video URL)



 (Video URL + starting point)



 (Video within a playlist)


3. Export the issue, in order to publish the new widget. 




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