Editing Elements of a Story

Existing elements can be edited via the context menu of the element. 

If you move the mouse over the elements, a context menu appears on each element in the right-hand area, which offers several options. 


1) Edit (text) or add caption (image)

Edit all text elements in a story and save the changes using the "Update" button. 

For image elements in a story, captions can be added and edited via the Edit button. Again, save changes by clicking the "Update" button. 

2) Move

All elements can be repositioned within a story and moved to a different position. To do this, click and hold the "Move" button and then drag the element to the desired position in the story. The change of position does not have to be saved separately. 

3) Delete 

The "Delete" button can be used to remove elements from a story. Once the deletion of the element has been confirmed, it is irrevocably deleted. 

4) Add a new element

The "+" button of the context menu opens a drop-down menu with all available elements that can be added to the story. After clicking on the selection, the selected element is added directly below the element. See also: Add elements to the story

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