Send Push Messages to your PressMatrix app

With Push Messages, you can communicate with your readers at regular intervals. For example, inform them about the newly published issues, the new subscription prices or the upcoming big title story.

If you have booked the push function for your apps, you will find the menu for sending messages in the Pegasus Workbench. From the top main menu, open the "Push" option.

The message can be up to 140 characters long. Under Send Time you can specify at which time the push message will be sent to your apps. When you are finished, click on "Save" to save the settings.

If the reader clicks on the push message on their device, they are always linked to the app's edition overview.


Please note: Push messages can only be played out to devices/readers that have explicitly agreed to receive push messages through the app.


Planned enhancements:
Option for scheduling push messages (currently only manual dispatch possible)
Option for targeted playout of push messages per platform (iOS, Android)
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