When are the Sales from the App Store paid out?

If you sell content such as issues or subscriptions in your apps, these sales will of course be credited to you. Less the retained percentages of the respective App Store, the profits are paid out as follows.


The minimum payout amount depends on the region. All payments are made within 45 days of the last day of the month in which app purchases were made.

Percentages Apple retains on InApp purchases:

Single sale: 30%

Subscription: 1st year: 30%

from the 2nd year with the same customer: 15% (e.g. if the customer renews the annual subscription).


Getting paid overview

Principles and Practices


Der Mindestauszahlungsbetrag liegt bei 100 Euro. Alle Umsätze eines Monats werden jeweils zum 15. des Folgemonats ausgezahlt.

Prozente die Google bei InApp Käufen einbehält:

Einzelverkauf: 30%

Abonnement: 1. Jahr: 30%

ab dem 2. Jahr mit dem gleichen Kunden: 15% (z.B. wenn der Kunde das Jahresabonnement verlängert)


Order processing and payments

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