Prepare ReadMatrix Account

ReadMatrix allows you to manage single digital articles centrally and publish them simultaneously via different channels such as your PressMatrix Kiosk App and Facebook Instant Articles.

In the following video you will get a first introduction to ReadMatrix:

1. Login / Registration with PressMatrix Login

Visit the ReadMatrix interface at the web address "" and select "Login with PressMatrix Login" and use your existing PressMatrix Pegasus access data for the login. 


2. Create Organisation

When you log in for the first time, you will automatically be redirected to the form for creating a new organisation. Please enter a name for your organisation and save the form. Now you will be directed to the detailed view of your new ReadMatrix organisation.


3. Create a Brand

In the detailed view of your organisation, select the button "Create" under "My Brand" and open the brand form. Enter a name for your brand (for example, the name of your publication) and save the form.



Now your account is created and you will be directed to your brand's dashboard. 


4. Connect PressMatrix App Channel

From the Dashboard, go to the Channels menu and select Add. Then click on the PressMatrix channel type and select the Pegasus publication you want to connect to ReadMatrix. Your PressMatrix app is now connected to ReadMatrix and can be used as a story publishing destination. The following video illustrates the steps described:

Please note that the story view must be activated via the App Builder in the PressMatrix App before stories are visible in the PressMatrix Kiosk App.

Further guides to the ReadMatrix channels:

Guide: Using the PressMatrix Kiosk App as a ReadMatrix Channel
Guide: Using Facebook Instant Articles as a ReadMatrix Channel

5. Create Stories

From the Dashboard, go to the Stories menu and select Create Story. Use the story editor to create a new story including header image, title, text block, author, publication date and any other elements. Confirm the created story by pressing the "Finish" button in the story editor. Create five more stories for the first step.

6. Publish Stories

From the dashboard, go to the "Publish" menu. Select "Publish Story" to start the publishing wizard. Follow the steps below:

1. Select the story you want to publish.
2. Select the channel on which the selected story will be published.
3. Set the date and time when the story should be publicly available to readers.
4. Do not assign a promotion text until your PressMatrix app has received an update, otherwise your users would receive a push message and click "continue".
5. Your story will now be published at the selected time. 

7. Update the Preview of the PressMatrix Kiosk App 

In some cases, the ReadMatrix Stories view is not yet activated in the existing PressMatrix Kiosk App preview. To do this, please update your PressMatrix Kiosk App in the Pegasus App Builder and install the updated version on your device.

Installable preview of the mobile kiosk app (Preview App)

8. Order a Live Update of the PressMatrix Kiosk App

After you have viewed and tested your stories on your device, you will need to update your PressMatrix Kiosk App in the App Stores. Please request this update from our service team so that your stories are also available to your app users.

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