The ReadMatrix Brand Dashboard

The ReadMatrix Brand Dashboard is your starting point after each login and here you will find the four basic components that will help you step by step to successfully publish your stories.



In Stories you will find all the content you have created and your story archive. Here you can manage all stories, whether unedited or finished, edit and approve them for publication and directly create a new story.


In Publishings, you can plan the publication of your finished and approved stories or publish them directly on all channels at the desired time. In a general overview, you can see which publications are still pending and how many users have already read your published stories.


In the statistics, you can directly view your successes in order to optimise your publishing strategy if necessary. You will find meaningful statistics (in real time) on how many users have read your stories and how much reach you have achieved overall and on each channel.


In Channels, you can view all your playout channels, add additional channels or edit existing ones. For example, your existing PressMatrix Kiosk app, your Facebook page or other individual channels.

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