Connect Custom Domain with ReadMatrix

In order for your content to point to your domain in the playout channels, three settings must be made. Create a subdomain, change its CNAME and store your domain in ReadMatrix.

Why do I need a subdomain?

ReadMatrix is a white label solution that you can brand individually. When you play out content with ReadMatrix on channels such as Facebook, or via an RSS, the domain source of the content is always displayed.
To ensure that this source points to your own website and not to ReadMatrix, you need a subdomain. This is visible to visitors as the source and at the same time enables a hidden redirection to our system.

What is a CNAME?

With a CNAME you assign another name to your subdomain, which acts as a kind of alias and can be addressed by the system without the visitor noticing anything.

Creating a subdomain and storing it in ReadMatrix

1. create a subdomain

Use the configuration interface of your domain provider to create a subdomain for your brand.

2. assign a CNAME

In order for the channel to find ReadMatrix as the source of your content, the CNAME of your subdomain must refer to ReadMatrix. To do this, enter "" under the CNAME records in the DNS settings of your subdomain.

A CNAME should only be used for subdomains as all entries of the subdomain will be overwritten by the CNAME entered.

3. enter custom domain in ReadMatrix

In order for your subdomain to be displayed as a source, you must enter it in ReadMatrix for the respective brand. To do this, go to the brand settings in ReadMatrix. You will find them in the brand navigation menu.


You can now enter your subdomain in the settings screen. Here you will also find the CNAME for your subdomain. Then update your changes.


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