Archive issues in the In-App subscription

By default, an in-app subscription starts for a reader the moment he finishes the purchase. In the database, this time is then marked as the start date of the subscription and the reader gets access to all future issues in the booked period.

Alternatively, a fixed start date can also be given to an in-app subscription. For example, the scenario "Annual subscription including archive" can be realized. While the normal annual subscription, e.g. for € 24.99, the annual subscription + archive can be offered for € 29.99. As the start date of the subscription, the date you defined is always set and the date of purchase is not referenced. The end date of the subscription is also controlled over the duration of the completed subscription. If a reader cancels his In-App subscription within the deadline, the release of the expenses ends with expiration of the subscription.



The archive function can be activated afterwards for an existing In-App subscription as well as added to a new subscription. Please proceed as follows:

The administration of the subscriptions can be found in Pegasus under the menu point "Services". The option to activate the archive function can be found at the end of the page. If the option is activated, the start date of the subscription ("Starts on") can be edited and can be defined by you. Enter the date with which all subscribers should start this subscription.

The remaining data in the form (name, categories, price, currency, product IDs), please fill out as usual. Guide: Pricing and Subscriptions



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