Options for Publishing an Issue

After uploading the PDF file to the Pegasus Workbench and adding enrichments to the issue, the final step is to publish. 

In the "Publication" overview you have a range of options available:

Meta Information:

Issue title - The title of the issue is displayed directly beneath the cover within the kiosk view. There is space for approximately 20 characters, the rest of the title will be abbreviated with an ellipsis ("...").

Preview Description (optional) - This is an optional description which can be accessed via clicking on the "Info" button. It acts as a teaser for the issue and the topics covered within. It is also possible to additionally customize the text formatting with HTML.

Categories (optional) - Issues can be assigned to custom categories. It is possible to assign an issue to multiple categories within the same publication. 

Release Date - The release date determines when the issue is to become available to readers. Even if the issue is already published, it is only visible from the release date and time specified. However, all published editions are visible in the Preview Apps (which allow you to preview content before its public release). 

Language - Determines the language of the issue content. If the "read aloud" or "text-to-speech" function is active, the article is read aloud in the default language.

Text Mode disabled / enabled - If text mode is enabled, the article opens in reading mode upon click. For a more enjoyable reading experience, the paragraphs that belong within the same article should be merged. If the associated time investment is too high or reading mode is not relevant for your publication, text mode can also be deactivated. Without reading mode activated, the text is simply displayed as a zoomable image background and will still be navigable with the search function. 


Single Purchase Settings

If the issue is available free of charge, you do not have to fill out this form. 

Price in Cents - Defines the price for the issue. Please note that Apple has fixed price tiers which must be followed. (Apple Price Tier Matrix)

Currency - Which currency is used as a reference?

Product IDs (Apple, Google) - If the issue is offered as an in-app purchase, an in-app product must also be created for each issue which is available for purchase in the App Stores. The unique Product ID must then be entered here.

More information about Sale of In-App Items


Preview Pages

Preview pages are the selection of pages which can be viewed by readers without purchasing the issue. Only paid content has previews, readers automatically get full access to free content.

By default, the first five pages of an issue are selected as the free sample. The maximum number of preview pages that can be selected is 25. To remove a page from the preview selection, click on the "X". To add a page to the selection, click on the "+" of the small thumbnail image. 




Delete Issue

To delete the issue, click on the "Delete" button. 

Note: Deleted issues cannot be restored! Please double check that the issue is no longer needed, before deleting it. If you simply want the issue to no longer be available to readers, it is sufficient to withdraw it from publication. 


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