Transfer apps to a different developer account

Important: Apps on Amazon (Status January 2018) can not be moved yet.

1. Apple

Transferring to an existing Apple developer account is quite easy if the Team Agent of the origin account has both of these details of the target account:

  • Apple ID of the team agent of the recipient
  • Team ID of the recipient

The transfer can be requested in the original account on the app overview page in the "App information" ("Additional information" and "Transfer app") (only) by the account holder (Team Agent) and is after acceptance by the owner of the new Accounts directly completed.

(see Transferring Apps)

Afterwards, the certificates must be recreated because the certificates are bounded to the account.


2. Google

Google requires an active Google Wallet account in both the Developer Target Account and the Developer Recipient Account to transfer apps, as both Google Wallet Transaction IDs must be provided here.

The following details are needed:

- Name and package name of the app
- Developer name of the target account
- E-mail address of the destination and recipient account
- Google Wallet Transaction ID of the destination and recipient account

The application form for the move: Transferring form

After submitting the form, Google usually takes 1-2 business days to complete the review. If everything is complete and correct, Google will move the app.


What changes for the end user?

The app is available to the reader during the move without interruption. He will only see an update on the mobile device. With the update of the app, the name of the publisher changes in the app overview within the respective app stores.



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